Myanmar Competition Commission Held its (2/2020) Regular Coordination Meeting

Myanmar Competition Commission (MmCC) held its regular meeting (2/2020) with the video conferencing system at the Conference Hall of the Minister’s Office, Office No. 3, Ministry of Commerce in Nay Pyi Taw at 10 AM on November 25, 2020 (Wednesday), and Dr. Than Myint, Chairman of MmCC and also Union Minister for Ministry of Commerce, Commission Members and officials from Competition Commission Office attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Than Myint said in his opening speech that since COVID-19 pendamic is happening all over the world, other competition authorities are trying to operate their functions by looking for the best possible ways, and in trying so, competition authorities are not only working on the necessary responses during COVID-19, but also preparing for the recovery measures after the COVID-19. He also stated that concerned states/governments are working on the necessary responses during COVID-19 with their utmost capacities and at the same time, the role of competition authorities becomes more prominent. While there have been impacts on goods productions, services and trades, there are preventions and actions taken, in accordance with the Competition Law, against the speculations in the products, especially in the healthcare-related products and basic commodities. On the other hand, concerned governments are not only providing necessary supports, but also arranging some relief plans for a certain period, depending on the situations. Therefore, competition authorities have to provide some relief from provisions of the competition law for the businesses to a certain extent. For example, although competition authorities controled the business merger before, mergers of healthcare-related products or important commodities production businesses have been relieved and permitted.

He also urged the commissioners and commission office to prepare necessary procedures, notifications and guidelines for the Commission, and in do so, continuous discussions with all concerned stakeholders need to be conducted for the inclusion of all concerned agencies and businesses. He concluded that commission’s image, which are cooperative, transparent, creditable and good volition, needs to be eventually built and promoted.

As the meeting continues, the Commission Office briefed about the accomplished tasks regarding the decisions made during the regular meeting (1/2020), the current solution process of received complaints, future plans and status of cooperation,and the Commission Members supplemented the discussion. Then, the meeting was successfully concluded at 1 pm.

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