The functions and duties of the Commission

  • Cooperating and coordinating with international, regional organizations or bilateral countries on competition matters
  • Exempting from the compliance of this Law to business essential for the benefit of the State and small and medium enterprise, if necessary
  • Forming committees and working groups according to the necessity and specifying functions and duties thereof
  • Making decision on the matters submitted by the committees and working groups
  • Specifying necessary forms, procedures and terms and conditions of application in order to obtain permission to cooperate businesses or to restrain competition
  • Specifying market share, supply, amount of capital, number of share and magnitude of owned property relating to business which can cause detriment to competition due to dominance, purchase, acquisition or merger among businesses of full or partial ownership of a business by another business
  • Specifying and determining market share, supply, amount of capital, number of share and magnitude of owned property relating to business which is assumed as monopolization by the Commission
  • Directing to a business or a group of businesses to reduce the specified magnitude of market share if the ownership of market share of such business or group of businesses exceeds or is assumed by the Commission to be exceeding, the stipulated magnitude that can cause detriment to competition in the market
  • Prohibiting by issuing notification of restriction on market share and sale promotion of any businessman who might monopolize assumed by the Commission
  • Assigning duty to investigate if the Commission suspects that there is a violation of any prohibitions contained in this Law or if a concrete complaint has received
  • Calling for necessary evidence and data related to competition from any businessman
  • Calling for inquiring persons concerned to make necessary inquires relating to competition
  • Inviting and discussing with professionals and experts in accord with the requirement to provide data, explanation, suggestions or opinions relating to competition
  • Seizing the necessary evidence and properties in accord with the stipulations as exhibits to inspect case by case, and passing permission order or refusing to return such evidence or property on bond or revoking the permission
  • Scrutinizing report on findings submitted by the Investigation Committee and directing to prosecute if necessary
  • Arranging to grant an accomplice a pardon with conditions if such accomplice testifies without any concealment before the Court that he has involved in committing the crime
  • Submitting advice to the Government through the Ministry in respect of matters relating to competition
  • Performing the duties relating to competition assigned by the Government from time to time.