Myanmar Competition Commission is the authority which will implement and enforce the Competition Law 2015.
If there is fair competition in the market, consumers will have more options to choose from in terms of price, the quality of products etc.; the quality of products will be improved as manufacturers will compete to produce better products; they will also manufacture new items; and job opportunities will increase along with higher productivity.
The acts of anti-competition include activities such as price fixing, dividing the market shares, limiting production, collusion in auctions, refusing to sell/purchase, forcibly selling goods in combination, discrimination, controlling reseller prices, limiting distribution, merger and acquisition among businesses, abusing market power and deceptive advertisement.
The abuse of market power includes activities such as controlling the prices of products/services, limiting production for the purpose of manipulating market prices and controlling the market area.
According to Myanmar Competition Law, the perpetrator may receive penalties ranging from 3 months of imprisonment and fine of one lakh to 3 years of imprisonment and fine of 150 lakhs.